Budget Tree & Shrub Program

The first thing you notice about a house is the curb appeal. Landscaping is an investment worth making and worth taking care of. Our tropical climate allows for beautiful tress and plants but can also cause problems. Let us take the guess work out of your landscaping care. Quarterly visits will ensure your plants are fed and protected all year long.


When to Expect Us

A multitude of products and much knowledge is needed to properly care for shrubs and trees. Seasonal weather conditions dictate what products can be used and when they are to be applied. Our technicians are continually working to insure the best results for your plants. Primary fertilization comes over one to three times a year (fertilizers will be applied per county regulations from June-September). However, insect populations can increase at any time. Therefore, our technicians will consider all the variables and treat with appropriate products. Conditions such as high temperature and humidity, high wind and proximity of plants to buildings or vehicles may hinder or delay our ability to treat your shrubs and trees. Free service calls are included with an eight visit per year program only.

We will make four (4) scheduled visits throughout the year. These visits will come approximately every three months but may vary with seasonal weather patterns. The following is a chart that describes what you should expect from us when we treat your shrubs during the different seasons.

Description of Service

Over-Wintering Insect Control: This application is a broad-spectrum insect control measure that must be applied during cool winter weather. General fertilization of palm trees.


Early Season Feeding & Foliage Protection: Tree and shrub fertilizer with essential minor elements is supplied to stimulate overall growth and root development. Insect control as needed.


Mid-Season Feeding & Foliage Protection: Tree and shrub food with essential minor elements is applied to all plants. Insect control targeting scale, sider mites, white flies, lace bugs and aphids is applied as needed.


Fall Feeding & Foliage Protection: Tree and shrub food with essential minor elements are supplied. Both immediate and slow release nitrogen and potassium is supplied for enhanced color, improved leaf size and thickness and to stimulate root development. Insect control as needed.

Helpful Hints

Watering: Most people over water their shrubs. Established shrubs need additional water only during prolonged dry periods during the springtime.

Flowering Shrubs: Frequent pruning of most varieties will greatly reduce the flower production. Pruning azaleas after mid-summer will reduce blooms in the winter. Knowing the blooming cycle and growth habits of each shrub will help you determine when and how to prune.

Flower: Flowers should be planted in groups in separate areas of your beds. Mixing flowers throughout your shrub beds hinders our ability to properly treat the shrubs.