Fleas & Ticks

Our Flea and Tick Control treatments do vary depending on the level of service you desire. We highly recommend having your pets, the inside of your home, the lawn, trees and shrubs around your home all treated at the same time . This is the most effective solution. Outdoor treatment prices vary based on the size of the area. Indoor treatments are $150 for homes under 3,000 square feet. This treatment includes free follow up treatments for 90 days. Schedule it today!


Before Your Visit

  • Remove Bedding

    Be sure to remove all your bedding and any type of covering on your furniture. Bag and wash them. Wash all laundry and linens in HOT water. 120° or more.

  • Clear Floors

    Make sure there are no items on the floor.

  • Trash Newspapers & Magazines

    Throw away any items such as newspapers and magazines since these are favorite hiding places.

  • Clear counters

    Put away all food that may be on your counters such as fruit bowls and bread. Put away dishes unless you plan to wash them afterward. Don’t forget your pet’s water/food bowls.

  • Leave Home During Treatment

    Be prepared to stay out of your home for 4 hours during and after the treatment.

After Your Visit

  • Wipe Off all Hard Surfaces

    Wipe or dust all hard surfaces including furniture, counter tops, electronics, etc. Don’t forget the legs of furniture (chairs and tables) as fleas will climb these to reach higher ground and hide on them.

  • Vacuum all Floors

    Vacuum all floors well paying special attention along carpet/wall and carpet/tile seams and along the edges of furniture.

More information on Fleas & Ticks


Bites can be itchy. Over the counter treatments for insect bites may be helpful to reduce itchiness. Fleas need a combination of high temperatures and humidity to survive. Lowering the temperature in your home below 70° for a day will most likely interrupt their life cycle. Vacuuming catches about 96% of adult fleas as well.


Thorough vacuuming is a very important step to eliminating ticks. Be sure to vacuum under window sills, in furniture, behind baseboards and under door moldings. Even though our products will reach these areas, it is better to err on the side of caution. Ticks have to drop on or climb up their host. They often climb up tall weeds or plants and wait for a new host to approach. Keeping your pets away from tall weeds and vegetation (for example: empty lots, palmetto bushes, etc) will help prevent re-infestation.

What if there is a problem inside?

No problem! Just call our office and a technician will be scheduled to inspect and take care of the pest problem. As long as your account is current with our quarterly program, these visits will be FREE!