Rodent Control & Removal

No one wants to wake up to scratching in the attic. Or, even worse, a nasty rat running across the floor. If you have a mouse or rat in your home CONTACT US TODAY!


How do we do it?

bait stations

We eliminate your rodent problem with traps inside your home or with bait stations. We set up the traps and/or stations at the initial visit. Follow-up visits are necessary to remove the rodents and/or refill the stations.

If you want a local company with quick response times and excellent service, choose Lawn Care Extraordinaire to get rid of your rodents. Call (941) 488-0688 today!

  • Cost
  • Number of Treatments
Rodent Removal:

These prices include 1 free removal within 2-3 days of trap set-up. Additional removals are $40 each.

  • $ 150

    3,000 square feet or less under roof

  • $ 225

    3,000-5,000 square feet under roof

Bait Station Installation:
  • $ 25 per box

  • $ 20 per box

    when purchasing 6 or more

Bait Station Refills:
  • $ 50 per visit

    5 stations or less

  • $ 10 per box

    per additional station to be refilled

Rodent Exclusion:

Structural repairs are sometimes necessary to keep rodents from entering your home or building. Price is determined upon inspection. Please call for more information.


Prices may vary. Please call our office at 1-800-LawnCare for more information. We will be happy to answer your questions or schedule a free estimate.

What if there is a problem inside?

No problem! Just call our office and a technician will be scheduled to inspect and take care of the pest problem. As long as your account is current with our quarterly program, these visits will be FREE!