Southwest Florida Grass

Southwest Florida Grass – What’s Available?

Can you Identify the Most Common Southwest Florida Grass Types in Florida?

You’ve probably heard us mention Southwest Florida grass names such as “Bahia”, “St. Augustine”, “Floratam” or “Zoysia.”  These names may or may not mean anything to you. But, when you are as passionate about grass as we are, yes we are talking about the stuff that grows in your yards, these names are everything.

I admit, after 14+ years of active employment and a lifetime of involvement in this company, I can tell you all about the grass types and their characteristics. However, I still have trouble identifying and telling the difference between the types sometimes. The difference is easy to see between some types. Continue reading to see the slight variations in appearance that make a big difference in your lawn.

Remember if you have any questions please reach out to us. No matter the type of grass you currently have, or the type you choose for your yard, we have the expertise to make your Southwest Florida grass look great and stay healthy.


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Bahia Grass is easy to identify. The blades are thin and very flexible. If left to seed, a V shape forms with feathery, black stigmas on each end. Bahia blades and lawns are thinner than Floratam or Zoysia. Zoysia grass has sharply pointed blades with occasional hairs near the base. It has a vibrant green color in the best of conditions. Leaf blades are wider than most grasses. You’ll also notice they are rounded at the top. Floratam is dense and coarse in texture. The stolons (base of runner) is purplish-red in color. Floratam is the most drought tolerant of all St. Augustine grass types and our favorite by far.
This website has even more bahia grass info, if you’re interested. This website had some interesting facts about Zoysia. I like this website for more info.