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Pest Control For Hurricane Season

Pest control for hurricane season is important to consider when hurricane season rolls around. Homeowners see an increase in pest infestations. As we are busy getting ready for the coming storms so are all of the local wildlife. Larger animals tend to leave the area but even the smallest of creatures are getting ready to ride out the weather. If we forget to prepare for the increased number of uprooted pests, we may quickly find that we are sharing our well-prepared home with a few more guests than expected. Here are pest control for hurricane season tips.

Hurricanes and Pests

As if dealing with hurricane season wasn’t enough, you unfortunately need to add insects and rodents to your list of worries. This is something that many homeowners don’t think about until the problem has already started.


Rodents are never a fun problem to have, but their amazing swimming abilities means that even rising water can’t keep them away. As flood waters rise ever closer to our homes these pests follow along with it looking for higher ground. Oftentimes, the best shelter they find is our homes. This offers a dry safe place away from the water so they can wait out the storm. However, they quickly realize that this isn’t just a good place to get away from the water. It actually makes a really nice home, and they decide to extend their stay indefinitely.


But the storms should keep you safe from smaller insects like ants, right? Although it seems logical, not even floods can get rid of these pests. Fire ants are known to create rafts by joining together and floating on top of the water to safety. These floating rafts of pain land wherever the water takes them. Ideally that would be out of the state, but it’s more likely that they will land in our yards and begin work building their new home.


Once the storms have passed, we run into another problem, mosquitos. In fact, they thrive in this stormy weather. The heavy rains leave small pools of water which are the perfect spot for them to lay their eggs. These disease carrying pests can be exceptionally hard to get rid of and the best way to address them is all in how you prepare for the season.

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Pest Control for Hurricane Season

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you might need to add a couple of things to your list if you want to avoid an infestation. Of course, we are happy to help you ensure your home is and stays pest free, so you don’t have to. But first let’s look at some things that can help prevent a problem in the first place.

Clean up the Yard

You probably already have this one on your list, but make sure to take an extra look around for anything that could hold water. Any buckets or debris laying around your yard can hold extra water and attract mosquitos. It is best to clean this up now, so you don’t invite these pests to your backyard.

Clean Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters is another important home maintenance task, especially when you’re expecting a large amount of rain. This ensures that your gutters can operate properly and keep water flowing away from your house. It also addresses the possible problem of standing water in your gutters. Clogged gutters will hold water and attract those pesky mosquitos we keep talking about.

Seal up the House

For some of the other pests it’s important to look at how well your house is sealed. Damaged siding, gaps around window and doors, or any other break in the exterior of your home is an area that pests can enter. Now is the perfect time to address these areas to both protect your home and keep out any pests that are looking for a new place to stay.


Proper hurricane pest control means ensuring that your home is free of pests to begin with. We can come take a look at your home to see if any pests have started to build a home alongside you. During this evaluation we will also help identify any areas that need to be sealed better to prevent pest intrusion during the storms.

After the Storm

After the storms have passed it is time to have a pest control professional come and assess any damage. Even the most prepared homeowner has been surprised to find an infestation has occurred. Let us come set up pest control for hurricane season before they become a big headache.