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3 Palmetto Grass Care and Use Tips

Palmetto Grass Care and Use

Palmetto grass is a top choice for sod in southwest Florida. If you’re looking for a variety of grass that all of Florida has fallen in love with, look no further.  Having been created on a sod farm in central Florida, the Palmetto cultivar of St. Augustine grass has proven itself to be one of the superior versions of the ever-present St. Augustine. Good for all kinds of weather conditions as well as keeping your home perfectly presentable, this grass is a top choice for a reason. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about how this grass looks and how to care for it over the course of this article, so let’s get going!

Quick Facts

Here are a few quick little tidbits of information regarding St. Augustine Palmetto grass:

  • This grass has a deep root structure that makes itself very extensive very quickly.
  • This particular cultivar of St. Augustine grass was created in 1988 by co-creators Elmer Kirkland and Tobey Wagner, then released to the public in the mid-1990s.
  • Adaptable to most temperatures and weather conditions, St. Augustine Palmetto grass was bred to be shade-resistant, cold-resistant, and drought-tolerant…more so than many other cultivars of St. Augustine.

Looking Good

St. Augustine grass is well-known for its lovely green appearance, and the Palmetto variety follows that. It’s actually what’s known as semi-dwarf grass, meaning that it’s a little shorter and thinner than the average St. Augustine grass. With a stunning emerald green color and fluffy, turf-like blades, this grass is perfect for homes that get both sun and shade. It can stand up to children and animals playing, too. This cultivar of grass stays lush throughout the year, though it does lose a bit of color in the winter regardless of its better cold tolerance.

Feeling Right

Now that you know what it looks like, let’s talk about how you should maintain your St. Augustine Palmetto grass. This grass is relatively low maintenance, so you have no need to get overwhelmed!

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When it comes to mowing your lawn with this grass, you want to aim for a length of 2-3 inches in height. During the growing season, you’ll probably want to do a quick mow every 7-10 days or so. In the off-season, you can just mow as needed to maintain that ideal height…though some people like to give it an extra half inch of height in the fall and winter months to encourage deeper roots for winter.

Weeds can also make an appearance, but if you keep your mowing and other care steps done right (like pre-emergent herbicide before the growing season starts) then you should be ok.

Pest and Disease Control

Sadly, this cultivar is still susceptible to disease and pests, though it is a little better than other cultivars. With the humidity that’s common in Florida, diseases like fungus can sneak in quickly if not kept at bay. As far as the little critters are concerned, this grass is a big favorite of chinch bugs. Using a careful balance of insecticides and fungicides will help.

Palmetto Grass Watering

One of the big perks of the Palmetto St. Augustine is that it only requires watering on an as-needed basis. Its drought resistance and deep roots make it easy to gain whatever water is needed from rainfall. Be wary of overwatering, though, as that will lead to root rot and other issues.

St. Augustine Palmetto grass is a fan favorite for a reason among Florida homeowners and landscapers. With its ability to handle a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, this grass is perfect for the varying Florida weather. Having a low-maintenance lawn that looks good year-round is a treasure, so we hope you’ve learned some helpful hints here today!

You can’t grow this grass from seed so you will need to work with a landscaper that knows where to buy the best sod. 

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