Protect My Palm
Against Weevils


Plant Damage

Weevils bore into palm trees and kill them. Sometimes before you even know they are there! General, irreversible decline of young leaves occurs as a result of a weevil infestation. The older leaves will begin to droop during the earliest stages of infestation. As the infestation progresses, severe rotting often causes the top of the palm to fall over.

Affected Palms

The following palm trees are beautiful centerpieces to many Florida landscapes. They are also most susceptible to Palm Weevils. If you have one of these beautiful palms, sign up for Preventative Palm Heart Drenches below.


Curative and preventative treatments with systemic neonicitinoid insecticides are possible, but require vigilance and persistence. We recommend three preventative treatments per year for optimal protection. Thorough drenches of the palm heart, trunk and soil are the best prevention method to keep the weevils out.