Picture of white grub

Grub Control

Grubs first became a problem here in Southwest Florida in 2005. We scrambled to find a way to stop these under-cover feeders. Since grubs feast on the roots of your grass the damage isn’t visible until serious damage has been done!Don’t worry! We have a product that is so effective one treatment is all you need.*

Picture of white grub

Signs of Grub Problems

  • When you see brown spots and you pull on the grass you might notice it lifts up in large sections like a carpet. This is because the grubs have eaten the roots holding the grass firmly in place.
  • Another thing you might notice is that your grass my feel spongy when you walk on it, even before you start noticing the grass turning brown.
  • Animals like raccoons, armadillos and birds are constantly digging in your yard. These animals love to eat grubs.

You Need Grub Control

     Predicting grub damage to your lawn isn’t possible.  The best way to avoid costly, late summer turf damage is with early treatments designed to prevent grub populations from increasing. Over a decade of applications have proven our preventative treatment is effective. One annual treatment is all you need.* As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Don’t wait till it’s too late.

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*The annual grub treatment is a preventative measure.  While it is extremely successful and we highly recommend it, a completely “grub free” lawn is not guaranteed.