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We hope to say, welcome back! We know your lawn very well as we kept it looking great for the previous owners. Since you may not be familiar with our services, we wanted to share with you the highlights of our services listed below. Just give us a call if you have any specific questions. To have us continue to care for your lawn, you can call our office, or complete the form at the bottom. We have a history with your lawn and we would like a future with you!

Lawn Care Programs

St. Augustine grass that is not properly maintained can be weakened by insects and disease. Those damaged areas are, in turn, exacerbated by increased insect invasion or weed intrusion. The services provided in our Premium Lawn Program will maintain the health of your St. Augustine lawn and cause it to flourish for years to come.

Premium Lawn Program
Visits Per YearEight
Chinch Bug ControlGuaranteed
Fire Ant ControlGuaranteed
Sod Webworm ControlGuaranteed
Broadleaf Weed ControlGuaranteed Year Round
Fungus ControlGuaranteed
Grub ControlExtra Charge
Crabgrass ControlUnavailable in FL
Free Service CallsIncluded

Tree and Shrub Care Programs

A multitude of products and much knowledge is needed to properly care for Florida landscapes. We offer Tree and Shrub Care Programs with four, six or eight visits per year depending on your budget and landscape needs. The following is a chart that describes what you should expect from us when we treat your shrubs during the different seasons. Free service calls are included with the eight-visit per year program only.

Visits Per Year4, 6 or 8
Insect ControlIncluded*
Miticide TreatmentsIncluded
Minor Nutrients For PalmsIncluded
Fungus Disease TreatmentsIncluded
Spiraling Whitefly TreatmentsIncluded For Trees Under 8ft Tall
Free Service CallsWith 8-Visit Program Only

*Guaranteed with 8-visit program only.

Indoor Pest Control Program

Perimeter Barrier Renewals  OnlyOptional Interior Treatment
No need for an appointment.  A trained technician
will automatically return to your property every
three months to inspect & renew the
perimeter barrier.

FREE service calls for pest problems inside become
available after six months or after your first indoor
application whichever comes first.
This appointment is necessary if there is an active pest
problem. With this appointment we will:

1) Meet with you & familiarize you with our program.
2) Thoroughly inspect your home & grounds.
3) Complete treatment of home interior.
4) Complete treatment of building perimeter to
establish a barrier against future pest problems.

Authorize immediate availability of  FREE Service Calls 
for pest problems inside.