Lawn Dead Spots

Lawn Dead Spots?

dead spotsLawn Dead Spots?

Are you tired of seeing yellow, brown or dead spots in your lawn? We would actually prefer that the cause of your problem is an insect issue as we can control and resolve.

When hot temperatures combine with dry conditions, “drought” damage appears quickly sometimes as dead spots. Unfortunately we are faced with this water challenge more than we would like. We can control weeds and insects, it is the amount of water your lawn actually receives that is out of our control.

Irrigation Issues Can Be Fixed

Lawns can recover with proper water, fertilization, insect control (see below) and weed control (see below).

5 Causes of dead Spots

  1. Especially sunny areas need extra water to compensate for extra sun light.
  2. Blockage –plants, posts, water treatment systems, etc might be blocking the water when your sprinklers run.
  3. Water drains below the roots within 72 hours. This means we should water our lawn every 3 days! Regulations typically don’t allow that leaving your lawn always thirsty.
  4. Areas above septic systems or with shallow soil don’t retain the water as long as other areas.
  5. Salt intrusion in your well water may exacerbate the problem.

Dry Areas Lead To Lawn Dead Spots And…

  • Chinch bugs prefer to feed on weak St. Augustine. If your lawn is weakened from lack of proper water they can creep in fast.
  • While St. Augustine needs specific amounts of water, weeds are not as particular. Our vigilant weed control will keep weeds from filling in before your St. Augustine grass has time to recover.
  • Sad lawn technicians and unhappy home owners.

Things To Know

  • Check your sprinkler coverage.- see the cup test instructions here.
  • Check the amount of water being applied.
  • Water twice on your watering day – this is good advice during a dry spell, it won’t help already damaged grass.
  • Check to be sure all your sprinkler heads are functioning properly. (Popping up, turning, spraying in the right direction, not “rainbow” spraying, etc.)
  • It is important to continue vigilant insecticide applications.
  • It is important to continue weed control measures.

“They’re Just Saying That”

Some companies may use dry conditions to “write off” their mistakes. Those companies either don’t last long or don’t care about keeping their customers for any length of time. (They focus on slick marketing to gather lots of new, short-term customers and don’t really care whether you’re happy or not.) Lawn Care Extraordinaire is not one of those companies.

876 customers have been using our services for 10 years or more. We think this proves we don’t make excuses.

Trust me when I say, we want your lawn to be as green and as healthy as you do, and avoid lawn dead spots. Help us help you. Check out our watering tips today!