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Hurricane Irma – Get A Healthy Lawn

Hurricane Irma – Clean Up For A Healthy Lawn

Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on many of our clients homes here in Southwest Florida. Fortunately the damage in many cases wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Either way, you probably want to get things cleaned up and back to normal as soon as possible. This has a little more specific information regarding hurricane clean up than our article 3 Factors For a Healthy Lawn Here are some tips to help you get your lawn back in shape.

Hurricane Irma Clean Up

Cleaning up after a hurricane can be tedious. Unless you want dead spots in your lawn and dying plants, take an hour or so and follow this simple advice.
hurricane irma


  • Remove debris from your lawn as soon as possible.  Large branches, garbage or pieces blown onto your grass will kill the grass faster than you might think.
  • Thoroughly water the grass as soon as possible with clean, fresh water.  The surge of salt water brought inland by a hurricane can cause a lot of damage to turf grass, lawns, golf courses and parks.
  • Contact a local experienced professional to help plan the right fertilizer and watering schedule to get your yard back in shape.


  • As soon as possible, straighten, reset and stake any small trees or tall shrubs that have been blown over by the storm, especially if there are exposed roots.
  • Look out for large branches that may have broken but are still in the tree. These should be removed to prevent accidents when they fall.
  • Ragged, broken stubs where branches have broken should be pruned back as soon as is convenient.


  • If there have been high amounts of rainfall, remove all mulches from around shrubs and in beds to give the soil a chance to dry out.  Then replace it.  If the ground stays saturated for an extended period, roots may drown and die or root rot may occur.
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