Best Pest Control Venice Florida

Best Pest Control Venice Florida

So how do you choose the best pest control Venice Florida company that will protect your family? Usually you can start by asking your neighbors, family and friends about the company they use. There are review apps for your phone and social media reviews that can be helpful. On top of this, the little yard flags after a treatment, is a sure way to know what companies work right in your neighborhood.

Why You Need The Best Pest Control Venice

No matter where you live you should consider pest control for your lawn and home. Here in Venice Florida, there is one company that has been around for over 40 years, Lawn Care Extraordinaire. Over the years we have worked with thousands of customers, and continue to be one of the most trusted in the area. Choosing the best pest control Venice company is important. We know the bugs and pests which are common in our area. Over the years we have developed the right amount of chemical, the right time of application to make sure we prevent pests from becoming a problem. Pests in your yard, left untreated, can cause damage to your trees, palms, shrubs, grass and flowers.

We know which pests need treated throughout the year. This allows us to target specific problems before them cause too much damage. Our pest treatments keep them from becoming a problem inside your house as well. By treating the outside of your house on a regular schedule, we can stop pests before they enter your house. This means our service persons do not have to enter your house for treatments. This also keeps chemicals outside of your house.

Keeping Your Family Safe

We know the main reason you want the best pest control Venice Florida is to protect your family. Insects and other pests can carry disease and sicknesses. Some companies simply spray chemicals without really understanding each property. Our skilled and trained technicians are always looking for problem areas, keeping the customer first in mind. This also includes using the right type and right amount of chemical. Do keep in mind, the chemicals we use are just that, chemicals. We also make you aware in advance of your scheduled application, and leave a lawn flag so you know we where there. Once the chemicals we apply are dry your pets and kids can go back in the yard. If you want to know specifically what chemicals we use, give our office a call. We can answer all your questions and keep you informed. We look forward to welcoming you in the Lawn Care Extraordinaire family! and providing the best pest control Venice Florida.