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3 Reasons You Need a Great Pest Eliminator

Lawn Care Extraordinaire is your local pest eliminator. We have been keeping homes, businesses and hotels bug free since 1979. We know a thing or two about bugs, because we have seen a few bugs over the years. You might be wondering how important it is to protect your house from bugs. Let’s look at 3 reasons why you should give us a call to protect your house, and make sure those pests are eliminated!


Keep Your Family Safe

Our company does not always get the recognition it deserves. Why do we say this? Because when we do a great job of keeping your family safe, being the pest eliminator, people don’t think of us. That is perfectly ok with us. Keeping your family safe is important to us as well. You have important things to enjoy in life, not worrying about your pest control company.

When you hire Lawn Care Extraordinaire we regularly visit your home and place baits, deterrents and spray to keep the bugs out. Our approach as a pest eliminator, starts on the outside of your house, stopping them before they make it into your house. This method also reducing the possibility of your family, including kids and dogs from needlessly coming in contact with our chemicals.

Even though we use very safe methods and chemicals, they are still chemicals that can cause some people issues. Keeping the pests out of your house also keeps your family safe from the various sicknesses that bugs can bring into your house. If you have any questions on our methods or chemicals used, please give us a call.


Protect the Value of Your Home

So reason number two that you need to hire Lawn Care Extraordinaire as your pest eliminator, we can help protect the value of your home. How so? Here in Southwest Florida we have termites. Yes these little bugs can cause much damage to the wood structures in your house, including walls and roof trusses. The problem with termites is if you don’t catch them soon enough. By the time there is evidence of damage, it may be very expensive.

Anytime you buy or sell a house, a home inspector will look for signs of termites. If they are found they could be an expensive bug to get rid of and fixing the damage. Again, prevention is key. Our termite program is designed remove termites, and prevent them from being a problem again. If you never had termites, you should consider our plans from a preventable standpoint. Our pest eliminator program is considerably cheaper than replacing trusses in your roof, or loosing that sale because of a problem that could have been prevented.


Eliminate the Gross Factor

No one likes to see bugs inside their house. From small spiders, ants, crickets and roaches. No doubt they alway seem to show up when you have family or friends over! As your local pest eliminator, we will treat your house to stop bugs from going in to begin with. Our method has been proven over the past 30 years as we have protected tens of thousands of houses. Stop wasting time searching for a better company, you are not going to find one. Give us a call and we will come out to your house, review your property and go over a treatment plan specifically designed for your house.