Keep Pests Out

Help Me Keep Pests Out!

The art of trying to keep pests out of your home can be a challenge. Pest control is something we usually think about after we start seeing bugs or signs of bug activity. Sometimes this is limited to our yard and trees. However, when we start to see bugs inside our house, this is when we start to act. There are a few things you can do to help keep bugs out of your house. Keep in mind that each season throughout the year the bugs are in different stages of their life cycle and need treated accordingly to keep pests out.


Spring Is Here For Pests

When the weather breaks, the humidity rises and are nights are warm the bugs start emerging. During the spring eggs are hatching that sat dormant over the cooler winter months. Treating pests early in their life cycle is important in keeping future pest populations under control.

Here at Lawn Care Extraordinaire we treat your pests in a way that reduces their ability to reproduce and helps keep pests out. By doing this we are able to use less chemicals around your house. This method is also far more effective than spraying adult populations to keep them under control. Our year-round pest control plans are carefully designed to keep your lawn and home pest free and your family safe. Give us a call or complete our online request for a free consultation. We will review your property and give you some options on the best plan to keep pests out.


What Can I Do To Keep Pests Out

In between our visits you and always keep an eye out for possible problems. If you ever notice anything that doesn’t seem right, give us a call. As long as you are under a current plan with us, we will schedule a special visit to treat the concern. Some items you might want to look out for include spider webs, wasp nests both mud and paper type. Keeping your porch areas swept and free from possible food sources is helpful as well.

Standing water is prime mosquito breeding area, but can also attract an array of other insects as well. Dog or cat food left out after you animal is done eating can also attract insects as well as other rodents. Raccoons, rats, mice and other animals may return often if they know a food source is available. Waste dropping from rodents in particular can carry disease and put your family at risk.

Do your part in looking after your property and keeping it clear of bug attracting items. We will make sure to properly treat your home and keep your family safe. We have been protecting homes since 1979. We are a family owned business and our many years of experience is why we are considered the best pest control company in town!