Murder Hornets Sarasota

“Murder Hornets” In Sarasota?

There has been quite a bit of coverage this past week of the “Murder Hornets”. Quite possibly this is the first time you even heard about these hornets. And no, they haven’t escaped from some lab experiment. So why all the press, and why the crazy name? More importantly are they here in Sarasota, and how can I protect myself and my family? Let’s get you all the answers so you can be up to date.


What are “Murder Hornets”?

This hornet is known by many names. The scientific name is the Vespa Mandarinia. It is also known as the Japanese giant hornet and the Asian giant hornet. They have bodies nearly 2 inches long and a wing span of about 2.5 inches. They prefer rural areas where they can find trees to build nests and food. They eat a wide range of other insects including crop pests as well. For this reason many Japanese farmers see these are beneficial insects. When provoked these hornets will attack in groups, which can be fatal for humans that are stung repetitively. For this reason, the New York Times recently dubbed them as “Murder Hornets”.


Are Murder Hornets in Sarasota?

No. Thankfully they have only been spotted in Washington State. The local biologists are not sure how they have made their way into the United States. They are keeping a close watch, especially since they are not native. With this in mind, there are some questions on how they could impact the local native insects, especially honey bees. These murder hornets search out and destroy honey bee nests, feeding the bees and their larva to their own hornet offspring. While they are not a concern here in Florida, if left unchecked they could be a problem in the future.


How Can I Protect My Family?

Florida is a great place to live for people. Insects too have found Florida very accommodating! For this reason there are a large variety of pests here in our yards and around our homes. While most bugs are harmless and are beneficial to our gardens and fruit trees, they can pose a danger. Pests inside your home can bring bacteria and disease to food preparation areas in your home. So how can your protect your family? First is by having a plan to keep the bugs from getting into your home in the first place.

Lawn Care Extraordinaire has been protecting home in and around Sarasota and Venice Florida since 1979! We know a thing or two about pests, and keeping your family safe. We specialize in treating the outside of your home, stopping pests from getting in to begin with. By having a preventative plan to control pests, we avoid having to spray unnecessary chemicals inside your home. Give us a call or complete our online form to find out how inexpensive it is to protect your family and provide you with some much needed peace-of-mind. So don’t worry, murder hornets are not a pest we need to worry about or deal with here in Florida!