Kill Dollarweed Fast

3 Ways To Kill Dollarweed Fast

Is Dollarweed Costing You?

We have some methods to kill dollarweed fast without damaging your yard. No, money doesn’t grow on trees, nor is the dollarweed making you any money. In fact this is the most visible, annoying weed in a St. Augustine grass lawn and its going to cost you some money unfortunately.  You have probably seen these weeds yourself.  The glossy, green leaves of this weed are ugly, but they are only a small part of the problem.
Homeowner: “Why is so hard to kill dollarweed fast ?”
Me: “Because 90% of the weed is underground! Because store-bought products are ineffective and risky.  Because it takes patience and diligence to get rid of them. And, let’s be honest, those virtues are hard to come by in the instant-gratification world we live in.”


…. It could end up costing you
  • Store bought products are watered down formulations.  When properly applied, they may kill dollarweed leaves but the roots are underground just waiting to repopulate.
  • Atrazine (in Scotts Bonus Weed ‘n’ Feed) is a good product for weed control.  However, state regulations have diluted the rates available making it basically ineffective and if it is applied to St. Augustine when the temperatures are above 80° it very well may damage your lawn.
  • 2,4D herbicides (in Ortho Weed-B-Gon) is effective to kill dollarweed fast, but St. Augustine turf is very sensitive to this product as well.  If you have 1 or 2 weeds, this may work as a spot treatment.  Treating your entire lawn with this product will, very likely result in a damaged lawn.  I don’t think anyone wants a dollarweed free, dead lawn!


I admit it: I’ve told my customers to reduce the watering if they have a dollarweed problem.  In very specific cases, when our technician has visibly confirmed the affected area is being overwatered, this advice is okay. But overwatering does not cause dollarweed.
Reducing watering = stressed St. Augustine = more weed intrusion
Properly watering your lawn is the #1 way to keep it beautiful.  Healthy, well-fed, well-watered St. Augustine grass will be so thick and lush that the weeds won’t have any room to grow.  Even dollarweed.


Persistence.  Don’t give up. It will take a while to kill all of those roots!
Diligence. Treat the lawn every 6-8 weeks minimum.  Once a month is better.
Proper products. We us Manor herbicide.  It isn’t cheap but it’s the best to kill dollarweed fast.
Before I finish, I’d like to point out that Lawn Care Extraordinaire has the 3 necessary components (listed above) to kill dollarweed fast and control future growth without killing your lawn.  Call us if you’re sick of the weeds and tired of the treatments.
We’ll treat your lawn with regular applications of Manor weed control and we’ll throw in fertilization and insect control too!  Remember, a healthy St. Augustine lawn is the best way to keep weeds out.  For more information and a price quote click here.