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Palm Weevil: Palm Health Part 3

Palm trees are priceless treasures.  But weevils bore into these trees & kill them. Sometimes before you even know they are there! These Palm Weevils or Rhynchophorus ferrugineus is one of two species of snout beetle known as the red palm weevilAsian palm weevil or sago palm weevil. If you want, read this post about weevils.

Palm Weevil Damage:

General, irreversible decline of young leaves as a result of a weevil infestation.  With Canary Island Date Palms, and other similar palm species, the older leaves begin to droop during the earliest stages of infestation.  Soon the leaves collapse completely.  As the infestation progresses, severe rotting causes the top of the palm to fall over.  This is referred to as “popped neck.”   Large holes in the trunk is evidence of boring weevils.  However, by the time these are noticed, the damage to the tree is usually fatal.

Prevention & Treatment:

Detecting a weevil infestation before lethal damage is done is very difficult.  For this reason, vigilant and persistent preventative treatments are recommended.  We recommend preventative treatments with systemic neonicitinoid insecticides twice per year since the effectiveness of the product wears off in 7-8 months.
Keeping the tree well-fed and healthy is also beneficial for weevil prevention.  Stressed, wounded or dying palms emit odors that attract adult weevils.
If you have questions or would like preventative treatment, please call our office or click here to protect your palm.  We have been protecting thousands of palm trees each year for thousands of your neighbors. We know how to monitor and treat your lawn and trees. Did you know we also can protect your home from bugs as well? Our indoor pest control program works from the outside keeping your family safe. When you call about our palm treatments ask about our home indoor pest prevention program.