keep mice out of food

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Home

Cierra Helpful Tips, Lawn Care

Mice are a nuisance and something that many people will have to deal with at some point in their lives. Even in a warm climate such as Florida, mice can find their way into our homes. This is especially common as temperatures start to cool off. By taking a few precautions you can keep mice from ever making their way ...

Preparing Your Lawn for Cold Weather!

Cierra Helpful Tips, Lawn Care

There are several factors that affect your plants during cold weather. Plants have a higher chance of frost survival under the following circumstance. Plants with good nutrition at the start have higher endurance and are more likely to survive the cold. Beds that are mulched will hold in the heat and protect the plant root systems. Fall and early winter frosts ...
brown patch lawn fungus

Lawn Fungus – What To Do

Cierra Helpful Tips, Lawn Care

Nearly every year we start to see fungus when the weather changes from summer to “winter.” During this time the conditions are perfect: cooling temperatures, foggy mornings and damp evenings. Brown Patch Fungus is just one of Florida’s damaging turf diseases. If you’ve had fungus issues in the past, you’ll likely have a flare up whenever the conditions are right. …

healthy lawn in Venice Florida

3 Factors For A Healthy Lawn

Cierra Lawn Care, Helpful Tips

We all enjoy the look of a healthy green lawn. There are many benefits to having a healthy yard besides the curb appeal. A healthy lawn will keep weeds out, be tolerant to drought and easily able to withstand stress from your kids playing on it. So what are some things you can do to help your lawn stay healthy …

florida snow

Florida Snow – Really?

Cierra Lawn Care, Helpful Tips

It’s fall in Southwest Florida and before long “snow” will be all over the area. What are we talking about? Not the cold, wet snow that northerns come to Florida to avoid. No, we are talking about the lawn weed. Starting in October you will start noticing many lawns have a white flower over them. What is it and how …

Bahia Grass In Venice Florida

Cierra Lawn Care, Helpful Tips

Not all grass is equal. Bahia grass is one of the most widely used grass here in south Florida. What should you know about it? Let’s learn a little about the grass, its origin use and care. Where Did Bahia Grass Come From? Bahia grass originated from Mexico and South America. It prefers sandy soils and is tolerant of shade. …

tires burned my lawn

How To Prevent – Tires Burned My Lawn

Cierra Lawn Care, Helpful Tips

Have you ever said your mower's tires burned my lawn? Have you ever noticed what look like tire marks all over your lawn? Don't worry you're not going crazy! Although this does not happen often it can happen. So what causes grass to die when it's run over with a mower? Even more important, how this this damage be prevented? ...
Riding mower cutting grass

4 Reasons You Should Never Bag Your Grass!

Cierra Helpful Tips, Lawn Care

To bag or not to bag that is the question. When self-bagging mowers were invented, everyone thought it was the best to bag your grass. But should you? What are the benefits to not bagging and what are some alternatives? Time Savings The first savings that you will notice is time. Not having to stop and empty a bag or …

Height Should I Cut My Lawn

What Height Should I Cut My Lawn?

Cierra Lawn Care, Helpful Tips

The question that many people often ask is What Height Should I Cut My Lawn? The problem is that the answer isn't quite so easy. There are several factors that must be considered in order to provide the right information to help keep your lawn healthy year round.   Time of Year The time of the year can greatly affect ...