Florida Lawncare


Florida is one of the most visited states for many reasons. Every winter the “snow birds”

Florida Lawncare

Seashells on a Florida beach

come down to enjoy the fantastic winter weather while the rest of the country suffers through the cold rain, ice and snow. If you have ever driven to South Florida you realize how large the state really is. Many people are excited to see the “Welcome to Florida sign, only to realize that Miami or Naples is another 7 hours! Lets take a few minutes and understand some facts about Florida and what also makes this state unique, especially if you decide to move here!

The Weather

The size of the state does affect the weather when you ask about the “weather in Florida”. In the north part of the state it is possible to even get snow in the winter. In the very south part of the state, Key West for example, the winter weather is typically in the high 70’s or low 80’s all winter long. The closer you are to the coasts affects the weather. The seabreeze can really cool down the coast, leaving the center of the state stuffy, hot and humid. No matter what time you decide to visit Florida, it’s always wise to put on sunscreen!

The Plants

There are several different climate zones in Florida, its not all tropical. Most people visiting love the palm trees and the lush green lawns around the resorts. If you decide to move here and you try to maintain your own yard and trees, you will quickly realize this should probably be left to the experts! First you will notice that in south Florida counties like Charlotte, Lee and Sarasota the soil is very sandy. This means you need to understand frequency of watering, how much fertilizer and what bugs can cause damage to your yard.

There are several different type of grass that you can choose from for your yard depending on your location. Some grasses are drought tolerant and actually go dormant in the winter. If you house is near the Gulf of Mexico you probably will want a grass that is tolerant of salt water. We mentioned bugs, but lets just say there are some unique bugs here that can cause damage to your lawn and house if they are not controlled. Why do it yourself when you can have a professional and experienced company like Lawncare Extraordinaire take care of this for you. With hundreds of reviews, decades of reliable service and real results you can see!

The People

Can you believe there are over 20,000,000 people living in the sunshine state? About 300,000 new people call this state home by moving here every year. With a large influx of people moving into the state from all over the country you really get to meet some interesting people. Celebrities, athletes and other wealthy people love the favorable tax laws including no state income tax! If you are a person that enjoys they outdoors, then Florida may be your next home!