Watering Florida Lawns

Watering Florida Lawns: How Often, How Much?

Everyone loves watering Florida lawns and having a green yard, especially all year. This mean adjusting your watering system for the dry season as well as the summer rains. While this may seem simple, there are some items to keep in mind. How often and how much should you water? If you would rather just enjoy your time in Florida you can always leave this up to the pros at Lawn Care Extraordinaire to make sure your lawn looks amazing year round!


Watering Florida Lawns – How Much?

In most cases the answer is twice a week. This depends on the
current weather of course. As we are still in the dry season you want to make
sure your yard doesn’t get too dry. Once the rains start showing up, you will
want to monitor the amount of rain your yard is actually receiving. This could
mean manually adjusting your watering schedule or using rain sensors to make
sure you are not over watering. If you have a company monitoring and adjusting
your irrigation, most likely they will consider all these factors to make sure
the system is running properly.


Can I Water Anytime I Want?

No. Be advised that watering restrictions are in place in many counties in Florida. In Charlotte County watering is limited by time of day, days per week and address. Similar restrictions are in place for Sarasota County as well. New lawns do have special permission during the first 60 days in order to establish the new turf. We have included links to the page with each counties restrictions.


How Much Water Does My Lawn Need?

Watering Florida lawns change from season to season. The type of grass you have also affects the amount of water needed. You will need to do some research to determine how much is best for your yard. Over watering can lead to fungus, mold and rot. While under watering can cause equal damage by allowing your yard to dry. Under-watering your lawn leads to dry spots. These dry, weakened spots encourage insect intrusion and fill with weeds. The best alternative for thousands of your neighbors is to call us. We will set up a plan specifically for your yard. Our technicians will prevent weed growth, keep damaging insects out and advise you on the proper watering amounts year-round.


More Watering Tips

So how exactly do you know if your yard is getting the right amount of water. The cup test always works. First place some same-size cups around your yard before your sprinklers run. Then after your sprinklers have run the entire water cycle, measure the water in the cups. You might even want to move them around different parts of the yard to make sure the coverage is even.

Of course if you have hired a company to maintain your yard and sprinklers they should know how to correctly adjust the watering amounts. If you are the do it yourself type you’ll also want to know that the best time to run the sprinklers is between 4am and 9am. Morning watering works with nature’s natural dew cycle and evaporation is less in the morning hours compared to watering in the heat of the afternoon sun.Morning watering works with nature’s natural dew cycle and evaporation is less in the morning hours compared to watering in the heat of the afternoon sun.

If you have not hired Lawn Care Extraordinaire to take care of your lawn and home give us a call or complete our online request form. We have decades (seriously since 1979!) of experience that we use to protect your investment and can help you understand watering Florida lawns.