Height Should I Cut My Lawn

What Height Should I Cut My Lawn?

The question that many people often ask is What Height Should I Cut My Lawn? The problem is that the answer isn’t quite so easy. There are several factors that must be considered in order to provide the right information to help keep your lawn healthy year round.


Time of Year

The time of the year can greatly affect how high you should cut your grass. Why is this? During the summer for instance, there can be periods when it is very hot and dry. Cutting your grass too short could burn out the grass and cause damage. Keeping the proper height will help protect it during drought periods. In the winter, or cooler months the height may need to be adjusted as well to protect the and help promote strong roots.


Sharp Blades

The proper height of grass cutting should be accomplished with a sharp blade. This is important for several reasons. First a sharp blade will cut the grass blades cleanly. Second a dull blade will rip the grass causing damage to your lawn. You will notice a brown and white cast over your lawn as the tops of the blade turn brown. A dull blade may also open your lawn up to disease when the grass is damaged like this.


Type of Grass

The type of grass that you have in your yard is also a factor in the cutting height. Some bentgrass can be mowed under half and inch while tall fescues should be 3-4 inches high. Keeping your grass cut at the proper height will help strengthen and thicken your grass which will help to crowd out unwanted weeds. Early in the season with some grasses you may want to cut a little shorter to help remove the dead blades of grass from the winter season.


So What Height Should I Cut My Lawn?

The experts at Lawn Care Extraordinaire can let you know what type of grass you have, and the what height should I cut my lawn throughout the year. If you have a company that mows your lawn, they should be taking the time to cut your yard at the correct height. Give us a call and we can give you some guidance to help your lawn stay healthy and look its best all year!