Bag your Grass

4 Reasons You Should Never Bag Your Grass!

To bag your grass or not to is the question. When self-bagging mowers were invented, everyone thought it was the best to bag your grass. But should you? What are the benefits to not bagging and what are some alternatives?


Time Savings

The first savings that you will notice is time. Not having to stop and empty a bag or try to get is into a bag for the trash saves time. In some cases it can cut your mowing time in half. This time savings may help you to mow your grass more often which is helpful for your lawn. We will discuss why you never bag your grass, little later in this article.


Free Fertilizer

We read and see reports on the news about how bad fertilizer is for our waterways. In many cases its believed to increase unwanted algae in our local waters. When you mow your lawn and allow the clippings to go back into your lawn, you are giving your lawn free fertilizer. Not dumping chemicals on your lawn can save your money and help reduce run off fertilizer. Grass clippings will fall back into the lawn and return moisture and nutrients back into your yard. Never bag your grass. The key is small lawn clippings.


Small Clippings Disappear

Mowing your yard at the right height will keep your lawn strong and healthy. You should never cut more than 1/3 of the total height of your grass. We all know how fast lawns can grow here in Florida during the rainy season. This may mean mowing your lawn more often to make sure you are not cutting off too much and stressing your lawn. Smaller clippings from more frequent mowings also mean they will disappear in your yard and not clumping.


Never Bag your Grass For A Healthy Environment

Battery technology has become very affordable in recent years. New mowing equipment is mostly battery powered. Not having to store fuel and maintain an engine is safer for many homeowners. It’s better for the environment as there are less gasoline engines running. Mulching mowers are designed to cut the clippings multiple times before it goes back into your lawn. The smaller clippings as we mentioned above tend to disappear in the yard. If you are having problems with clumping with a mulching mower, chance are you are trying to cut too much height off at a time. It might be best to adjust the height and make a second pass at a lower height if necessary.

Keeping your lawn healthy throughout the year is the goal at Lawn Care Extraordinare. If you ever have questions about your lawn reach out to us. We have been working side by side with homeowners since 1979. We look forward to working with you.