tires burned my lawn

How To Prevent – Tires Burned My Lawn

Have you ever said your mower’s tires burned my lawn? Have you ever noticed what look like tire marks all over your lawn? Don’t worry you’re not going crazy! Although this does not happen often it can happen. So what causes grass to die when it’s run over with a mower? Even more important, how this this damage be prevented? Let’s first learn what “heat tracking” is with your lawn and how you can prevent saying the mower tires burned my lawn.


Tires Burned My Lawn…Now What?

Here in Southwest Florida it’s hot. Doesn’t matter if your property is on a canal in Venice, ocean front in Englewood or in a community in North Port your grass faces similar circumstances. Grass need moisture in order to stay healthy. As the weather heats up, and drys up, your lawn may start to wilt. This is normal. Your lawn is trying to preserve moisture in the roots so it can survive until the next rain. When your lawn gets very dry and starts t show signs of wilting you need to be careful.

Even though the marks in the picture look like someone has put round up on the tracker tires its just heat damage. It’s not just tires. Sometimes you lawn can be damaged from people walking or kids playing on your lawn when its in the delicate state. While this looks terrible, the damage is usually not permanent and in a few weeks when the rains come back (or you water your lawn) it will recover.


How Can I Prevent This Damage?

The best way to protect against saying your mower tires burned my lawn, is by keeping it healthy. A strong root system will help your lawn survive tougher conditions. First you want to make sure your lawn has enough water. Don’t go overboard with watering your lawn, as you will just open the possibility of fungus. Second you will want to make sure your lawn is properly fed. This includes specific fertilizers and minerals and vitamins that might need to be added to your lawn soil.

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