Cockroach or Palmetto Bug

Stay Safe – Cockroach or Palmetto Bug?

Cockroach or Palmetto bug is the question here in Southwest Florida, we have lots of bugs. In many parts of the country insects are called by different common names. Let’s face it, trying to learn let alone pronounce these names are near impossible. So when you have bugs, particularly roaches in or around your house, how can you identify them, and more importantly how can you control them. We are going to take a few minutes and help you sort this out!


Palmetto Bugs

There are no palmetto bugs. This name is often given to cockroaches that live outdoors, namely the American Cockroach. Because they love cool dark and moist places in the yard, they are often found around the branches of the Palmetto. In reality they like all cool and damp places outdoors including mulch beds, wood piles always preferring to hide. The reason this name is so confusing is that there are several different types of cockroaches in the United States.


Cockroach or Palmetto Bug

This is the cockroach most often associated with the name “Palmetto Bug“. These roaches are quite large and when mature can be 3 inches in length. For some people the most disturbing aspect of these large cockroaches is that they have the ability to fly. Since they generally like to hide and like darkness is no wonder they are more active at night. This is why sometimes they may fly toward the face and heads of people walking through entryways at night. The cockroaches for some reason will fly toward the light, inadvertently right at at person. You might still be wondering cockroach or palmetto bug.

American Cockroaches do not sting or bite, but they can still be dangerous to your family. While these large cockroaches prefer to be outdoors, roaches will find their way into your house from time to time. When they do, they will seek out water and food, both of which are available in bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. While crawling around they are known to pick up filth. For this reason if you see them in our house you should contact us. We can set baits and spot treat areas keeping your family safe from these dirty insects and without using chemicals that put your family in risk.


German Cockroach

The much smaller cockroaches are the ones most commonly found in houses. These cockroaches reproduce fast and are small enough to make it into your home in bags, boxes, fruit or other items. If you have any type of cockroach, especially small ones that run really fast, contact us.

So if you are not sure if you have a cockroach or palmetto bug problem give us a call. We can check out your home and set up a plan to keep you and your family safe.