Christmas Tree Have Bugs

Does A Real Christmas Tree Have Bugs? 3 Free Tips

As Christmas time approaches, you need to make a decision, and you may wonder, this year will my Christmas tree have bugs?
Should you purchase a real live Christmas Tree or do you go with an artificial.
Many people love selecting just the perfect real tree and the smell of pine
that it brings to there home. This is the holidays. So, when you buy a real
tree is it possible you are bringing bugs into your home? Let’s look at a few


Will My Christmas Tree Have Bugs? If So, What Type

So then, do you think my Christmas tree have bugs? Chances are your tree is not loaded with thousands of bugs.  We’ll discuss why in a moment. Most common are spiders, mites, aphids, scale insects, bark beetles, praying mantises and the sawfly. If you purchase your tree from a Christmas farm, the tree may have been sprayed with a pesticide. You should ask the farm if this is the case and what they use. This is important as some people can have an allergic reaction to touching the tree if certain pesticides have been used. If you purchase the live tree from a roadside stand, you may not know exactly where the tree came from and if any methods were used to prevent bugs from hitching a ride.


What Can I Do To Prevent Bugs?

Even though the bugs are mostly harmless, there are a few things you can do to reduce the chance of bugs hitching a ride into your warm home. Most trees were growing in a cold climate when they were cut for the holiday. When the weather gets cold, many insects slow down or even become dormant. So, when this tree enters your warm house next to the fireplace, the insects warm up and start to move about. Here are a few suggestions:


  • Shake Your Tree – When you buy a tree from a farm they will have a mechanical tree shaker that will dislodge bugs, nests and eggs before its loaded for your home. If this isn’t the case, why not shake it yourself before bringing it in. This will also get rid of loose pine needles.
  • Rest Your Tree For 24 Hours – Why not take the tree into your garage and allow the tree to warm up a bit. During this time you can inspect the tree to look for any signs of insects.
  • Diatomaceous Earth – If you want an extra layer of precaution you can dust your tree. This is an insecticidal powder that’s free of synthetic chemicals and harsh fragrances. Just let it sit for a day before decorating. Again this can be done in the garage.

Will your Christmas tree have bugs? In most cases a real live Christmas tree will not bring insects into your home and invade. If you do see extra bugs around your house this holiday season, especially any roaches, give us a call. If you are already a customer we’ll take care of you. If you are not yet a customer, we’ll come out and treat for the existing problem and set you up with a program that will prevent bugs in the future.

Happy Holidays!