florida snow

Florida Snow – Really?

It’s fall in Southwest Florida and before long “Florida snow” will be all over the area. What are we talking about? Not the cold, wet snow that northerns come to Florida to avoid. No, we are talking about the lawn weed. Starting in October you will start noticing many lawns have a white flower over them. What is it and how can you control Florida snow?


Florida Pusley – Weed or Flower

This depends on who you ask. Some people love the flowers in their yard. Others consider it a pest and one that is difficult to get rid of. The plant is very drought tolerant, salt tolerant and seems to love the cooler weather. Once this week starts flowering, it will start to produce seeds. The seeds in turn attract lots of butterflies and bees. This weed can only be found in central and southern Florida. So how can you get rid of Florida snow in your yard?


How To Get Florida Snow Out of Your Yard

You thought shoveling was a pain. Getting the snow out of your yard take some real effort. You have two options.


If you don’t want to spray all kinds of chemicals you can simply pull the weed. This weed grows close to the ground and has a singular root. With a little patience and work, you can remove this weed from you yard. You don’t want to wait until your yard is covered with weeds. Instead you should be pulling them as you notice them in your yard. Since this weed is dense and grows close to the ground it will choke out your grass.

Don’t be surprised to have bare spots in your yard after pulling the weed. Frequent mowing before the weed flowers will help to keep it from spreading. Once the weed starts to produce the white flowers, its also producing seeds. If kept unchecked, these weeks can quickly cover a large portion of your yard.

The second option is to hire a professional like Lawn Care Extraordinaire. Since 1979 we have been helping people maintain beautiful yards. Our expertise means we know exactly how much chemical to use, and when to spray it to control the weeds in your yard. We can help keep your lawn looking beautiful and the “Florida snow” from being on your lawn.