brown patch lawn fungus

Lawn Fungus – What To Do

Nearly every year we start to see fungus when the weather changes from summer to “winter.” During this time the conditions are perfect: cooling temperatures, foggy mornings and damp evenings. Brown Patch Lawn Fungus is just one of Florida’s damaging turf diseases. If you’ve had fungus issues in the past, you’ll likely have a flare up whenever the conditions are right. The pathogen stays in your soil just waiting to show up again.


Brown Patch fungus is very aggressive and can’t be prevented. The good news is it can be treated if a flare up occurs. Your technician is on the lookout for any signs of fungus. If fungus is confirmed in your lawn we need to work together in order to successfully eliminate the disease.


Here’s what WE will do if brown patch lawn fungus is confirmed:


  • Fungus worsens with fertilization so your technician will avoid fertilizing the affected area(s).
  • Weed control products will also exacerbate the fungus so your technician will avoid brown patch areas with that product as well.
  • A fungicide application will be made at your regular treatment and a follow up visit may be scheduled if needed. This product will shorten the cycle and encourage recovery.


Here’s what YOU can do to help the recovery process:


  • Stop watering! Watering encourages the disease to spread. If watering isn’t reduced drastically, the lawn fungus will take months to run its course.
  • Skip mowing. Please skip mowing for 2 reasons. 1) The longer our products remain on the grass the more effective they are. 2) Mowing spreads the pathogen throughout your lawn and increases the chance of spreading the disease.


Brown patch lawn fungus only effects about 10% of St.  Augustine lawns. Odds are your lawn will be just fine. If you’re one of the 10% – don’t worry! Together we can shorten the cycle, push recovery and make your lawn beautiful in no time!

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