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Best Venice Pest Control

Venice Florida is a wonderful city on the west coast of Florida known for all the waterways and beautiful gulf front property. When you finally made your decision to move here permanently, you probably realized you had some questions. One of the most searched for this area is “who is the best Venice Pest Control”. Really what defines best? Is it the company the advertises the most, offers the most services, or one that really knows the area, climate and pests?

Who Offers The Best Venice Pest Control?

Lawn Care Extraordinaire has been protecting local families since 1979. Since then, we have learned so much about our local climate. There are pests that get into your home. With our knowledge, we know how to effectively treat pests OUTSIDE your home to stop them from ever getting in. We do our best to not have to go into your home to treat pests after the have gotten inside.

With our Once and Out program, we create a barrier around your home to keep the bugs from getting in. Of course if they do get in, or you have bugs now that need to be gotten rid of, we certainly can take care of that. Our years of experience also mean we use just enough chemicals to get the job done. No unnecessary spraying inside your home. We don’t want to expose your family or your pets to more chemicals that needed.

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Best Venice Pest Control For Lawns

We treat more than the pests that try to get into your house. We also protect all the lawns, trees, shrubs and palms around the Venice area. Keeping your lawn green is important, but keeping it free from pest could save you thousands and dollars every years. There are some diseases that affect palms that you can treat for to protect them. But unfortunately, neglected palms that contract some diseases, are often killed. Some of the palm trees in Venice are worth thousands of dollars each. So a few dollars a day to protect the and keep them healthy is a small investment.

Same is true with your lawn turf. We have seen damage done by insects require large sections of the lawn to have sod replacement. Some damage is permanent and the grass needs to be replaced as it won’t grow back. We have lawn programs to take care of all the different types of Florida grass you may have in your yard. If you are not sure what grass you have, you should read our page on grass types here in Florida.

So when you are searching for the best Venice pest control or Venice pest control near me, look for Lawn Care Extraordinaire. We are up near the top in search results anyway. Don’t get sidetracked with a company that over promises. Ask your neighbors. Look for our little green signs in your neighborhood and ask why they go with our company. We are locally owned, and have really great reviews posted online. We look forward to getting to know you and protecting your family here in Venice.

Don’t worry, if you live outside Venice we can help you as well. We service all of Southwest Florida from Bradenton to Naples. Remember, here in Southwest Florida we have a rainy and dry season. This will determine when and how much to water your lawn. It also affects bug seasons and when to treat. You don’t have to figure this out on your own. Give us a call and let our 40+ years of knowledge work for you.